Healthy Eating Cookware

Ceramic Cookware ( 100% Ceramic Cookware’s in India, Contact me if you are outside India)

Since the beginning of civilization clay has been at the top of the pyramid of the mediums used for cooking utensils, others being iron and subsequently copper coated with tin.

It’s the innate nature of humans to be connected with mother earth and that’s why it has always been the best and preferred medium.

However in the last few decades with rapid industrialization and new developments in the field of “Aluminum and Teflon coatings” there has been a fast shift to these new cooking mediums. Other mediums have been Stainless Steel and now the new development of a ceramic coating on aluminum has also been made.

If you are using the following cooking utensils

  1. Non-stick cookware coated with Teflon etc
  2. Aluminium utensils
  3. Stainless steel

The problems associated with these utensils is as food is cooked there is a reaction between the food masalas and in case of nonstick the polymer abrades and contaminates our food, the aluminium in the metal state is very reactive and in any used aluminium vessel we can see number of tiny pits. Stainless steel contains nickel which is also not good for our Indian cooking.

All these contaminations in our food from the cooking utensils causes ha RM to our body, our nervous system, and toxify us. Even surprisingly nowadays we find some soft terracotta clayware coated with non-stick!!!! It would have been much better if these manufacturers would have left the terracotta alone!!

100 % ceramic Pots in india for cooking

Pottery for healthy eating

When we study the ill–effects of these vessels we can come to the conclusion that -COOKING IN ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN A CLAY POT IS “JUST A COMPROMISE” with our health and the quality of the food we eat The Teflon coating is a polymer called PTFE–poly tetrafluoroethylene, and PFOA—poly fluorooctanoic acid. The aluminum underneath is in a very reactive metal state which reacts rapidly with our food and spices and comes as a contamination into our food. The stainless steel vessels contain molybdenum, nickel etc, not conducive to our body at all, not to mention about the rapid loss of nutrients in this medium. The food tends to stick in this vessel and is not friendly for washing. The coating on copper vessels is a costly affair and it does not last and pure tin coating applicator is hard to find. A cast iron vessel can be considered to be a better alternative, but one has to consider how much iron is leached in the food and can our body assimilate this much iron. The newly developed “ceramic coating on aluminum” is a cheap alternative, and this coating will not last forever and will ultimately expose the aluminum underneath! The ceramic cooking utensils- made of ceramic clay composition and coated with a ceramic glaze is the best and only way to cook, with benefits which just cannot be compared to any other cooking pot available in the markets.

The objectives while designing these ceramic cookpots were as follows:

  • To make a clay pot which is non-porous. The traditional clay pots which were low-fired had the disadvantage of bacterial contamination, as food particles can stay in the pores of the vessel leading to growth of bacteria and mould.
  • To make a clay pot which can withstand sudden flame temperature. The low-fired/baked vessels are designed for slow fire and will crack on sudden flame heat of the stove.
  • To make a clay pot which has a coating preferably permanent in nature. It was observed that some recent developments of ceramic clay pots with Teflon have been in the market! The clay pots were also quite brittle in nature apart from being coated with a polymer.
  • To design a coating which has as its components /ingredients minerals which are life–sustaining minerals and not toxic to the human body.

All these objectives were successfully achieved in the development of the ceramic cookware and its been a remarkable and satisfying achievement.

Ceramic clay pot for cooking

Ceramic pottery

Now finally there is a good scientific option of ceramic cookware with the following properties.

  1. Stoneware ceramic: made of mother earth elements (metal sounding ceramic) Sintered at 1300 degrees centigrade.
  2. Coated with aglaze also sintered at 1300 deg. Centigrade and formulated with friendly life sustaining minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium. This Coating is life long and meant to last!! behaves non-stick also.
  3. Very durable and non-porous: sintering at very high temperature causes vitrification of the clay body rendering it non-porous, so the problem of bacterial development in the utensil is nullified (this was the problem in the olden Age brittle and porous clay utensils).

So when food is cooked in these ceramic pots the reaction between the food and the glaze will cause particles in parts per million to leach into the food, but in this case only friendly life sustaining minerals which add to our health and not toxify us.

The cookware is loved by all those who are using it and various shapes and sizes have been standardized for Indian, Chinese and continental cooking.

    1. Food cooks with less oil
    2. Lesser energy is required saves upto 30% this is because once energy is stored in the clay utensil it does not dissipate the heat as in any metal utensil, so it behaves like a heat sump storing energy.
    3. Due to same reason as no. 2 food remains hot after being served for a longer duration.
    4. The taste of food is much better with the goodness of mother earth.

The latest research shows that FAR INFRARED RAYS ARE EMITTED WHEN FOOD IS BEING COOKED IN THESE CERAMIC POTS. This has a very healing and energizing effect on the food.

Summary of Benefits in using Ceramic cookware:

  • Permanent mineral based coating which contain nano particles of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, zircon, titanium. The coating will be passed on to another generation intact even after constant use daily. The leached minerals in ppm(parts per million)are friendly and non toxic unlike the teflon coatings.
  • Far–infrared rays are emitted during cooking, which energize and heal the food.
  • The taste of the food is far superior than when cooked in other mediums.
  • The nutrient values of the food viz. proteins, vitamins, minerals is much superior when cooked in clay pots. Cooking in metallic vessels leads to volatilization and diminished values of the nutrients. Hence one can conclude that cooking in any other utensil is a compromise to the basic values of our nutrients and energy.
  • The number of utensils required overall decreases ,because we don’t need to transfer the cooked food into serving casseroles. The concept is cook and serve and store.
  • The food remains hot for a very long duration after cooking. This is due to the fact that clay stores the heat and heat is not dissipated like in the metallic pots.
  • While cooking we save about 30-40% energy because of the fact that heat remains stored and the energy requirement is therefore lesser and we save on gas.
  • Latest findings and new launch is that we can cook food in these vessels with the help of Healthy Cooking Stove. This remarkable system which is being launched enables us to be independent and can cook without gas and electricity. The entire system is user friendly unlike the barbeque system in which one has to get the charcoal or wood to be fully lit before one can cook. It takes 30 seconds to start stove and subsequently one can cook in just about 45 mins their entire meals with a total cost of Rs. 3 for an hour.
  • The very pleasure of cooking in mother earth is absolutely divine, and this joy and feeling cannot be experienced in any other cooking medium.
Message from the inventor:



Pictures of our Healthy Eating products:



Handi Ceramic 100%
ceramic Handi   (Buy Now)

Handi Ceramic open lid

Ceramic Handi Open lids (Buy Now)

Above: Handi
Tava Tava
Above: Tava for making tasty rotis, Bhakris etc (Buy Now)

Kadai dimensions11

Kadai / Casserole (Buy Now)


Kadai / Casserole (Buy Now)

Frying Pan

Frying Pan (Buy Now)

Frying Pan2

Frying pan (Buy Now)

Above: Kadai in different views
Below are list of Healthy eating products with prices: (Buy Now)
Product Sizes Price Benefits
Kadhai/ Casserole 1.5 liters Rs. 1500 Food Tastes far superior.
2 liters Rs. 2200 Nutrient values of food is much superior.
2.5 liters Rs. 2700 Saves 30-40% of gas. Scratch resistance.
Handi 1.5 liters Rs. 1500 Food remains hot and fresh for a long duration.
2 liters Rs. 2000 Cooking in CLAY is ideal and traditional.
2.5 liters Rs. 2700 Buy once and coating will last for generations.
Fondue 1.3 liters Rs. 1700 Ceramic vessels emits far-infrared rays that energizes and heals food.
1.5 liters Rs. 1800
Fry Pan 9 inches diameter Rs. 1900  Mineral based coating release minerals while cooking food.
11 inches diameter Rs. 2700
Tava Standard 9 inches tava, without handle Rs. 900  One time healthy investment
Big tawa 11 inches for Indian Bhakris Rs. 1200
All above prices are for my home-shop. If you want to courier, packing, to your home then extra charges apply.

(Buy Now)









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